Spending With Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Won’t Make Difference – Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards feels that money can’t buy love. This is so as he reveals that even if you spend a billion dollars with someone who is not in love with you, it won’t make any difference.


Taking to his social media page, Frank noted how married people meet him for counseling despite being single.

According to him most of the stories he hears from married people depict that they are not happily married. This is because despite having money their partner doesn’t care about them.

“With someone who does not love you if you like to spend a billion dollars a day, it’s not going to make any difference. Na me wey never marry una they meet for marriage counseling ??? 

And when you hear the story you be like ARE YOU OK ?? From the story you just told me this person does not care about you one bit !!!!!!!!”, Frank Edwards wrote.

As expected his fans took to the comment section of his post. Read some comments below,

“Who values you indeed will value everything you do for him or her. But the one who doesn’t….You shall tell the story some other time”, Francis commented.

“I always tell people.. don’t jump into marriage because you have money that’s the biggest mistake 99 percent of people get their selves into, what happens when the money is no longer there”, Peter commented.

“Sure! Money can’t buy love 👌Even if it does, when the money decreases the marriage will start shaking”, Williams commented.

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