TOPVIRAL: Pattern Has Been An Hidden Issue In Marriage For Years – Bisi Adewale

Popular writer and marriage counselor, Pastor Bisi Adewale has revealed the reasons marriages are failing these days. He stated that failed marriages are caused by failed patterns.


Taking to his Facebook page, the pastor noted that divorce Lawyers are cashing out because couples have failed to understand patterns that are valued in marriage.

According to him no matter how couples fight, complain, report, or keep malice, marriage won’t work unless couples understand patterns.

“Divorce Lawyers are smiling to the Bank because people do not understand PATTERNS

 Divorce courts are filled up because of PATTERNS. No matter how much you fight, complain, report, keep malice, or nag, your marriage will not change unless you deal with PATTERNS.

 Unfortunately, PATTERN has been a hidden issue in marriage for years, nobody is talking about it and it is killing our marriages daily”, Pastor Bisi Adewale wrote.

A fan identified as Aderonmu feels that people are cashing out from other people’s failed marriages. He noted if family values were intact there won’t be a need for counseling.

“If family value is still intact like it used to be when husband is husband and wife is wife and Children are thought moral, value, Patient, character, integrity. All the emergency marriage Counsellors who are selling books and collecting money for seminars will not be in business. Many of you people are now multi-millionaires because of the vulnerabilities of people in marriage as a result of failed marriage values”, Aderonmu commented.

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