Treat People Like God Treats Them – Frank Edwards

We are often advised to treat people the way we would treat ourselves. Music minister, Frank Edwards has advised people to treat people like God treats them.


Taking to his social media page, Frank Edwards stated that asking people to treat others the way they would treat themselves is the easiest way to be unfair.

According to him, people have different eating habits, which if imposed on others would make them appear wicked.

He thus advised people to learn to treat others fairly because sometimes people may not want to be intentionally unkind, but oversight and carelessness can make them appear wicked.

“Learn to treat people like God treats them. I would have said “as you treat yourself “ but sometimes that becomes an easy way to treat people unfairly,

For example: you don’t like to eat breakfast doesn’t mean everyone in your house should be hungry every morning 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

Why I said learn is because: sometimes it is not that you want to be intentionally unkind, but an oversight and carelessness can look like wickedness depending on how the other person is receiving it.

I had to learn it many years ago to be intentional!”, he wrote.

See the screenshot below,


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